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Morgan Vice

Morgan started dancing at the age of four and has been dancing ever since. She has danced competitively at conventions like Tremaine and New York City Dance Alliance. She has studied under Bruce Stegemann, Lisa Hopkins, Jill Powell and Doug Caldwell. Morgan has traveled to dance intensives at West Coast Dance Explosion and spent two weeks studying under the late Gus Giordano and his staff at his prestigious studio in East Chicago. She auditioned for Tap Kids in 2000 and attended the summer program in New York City when she was sixteen. Her favorite choreographers and dance masters she has studied under are Bruce Stegmann, Mia Michaels, Wade Bobson, Mark Yonally, Gil Stroming, Mark Goodman, and Dee Caspary.  Along with dancing, Morgan is trained in singing and acting and is an avid fan of all three arts.